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About Season4Hunt

I am Bob Kane, 42 years old now. My brother and I enjoyed hunting with my father in every fall when I was young. It was daunting, exciting, frightening each time we faced to preys. But 26 years ago, my father passed away in an accident, and that changed everything. My brother left home, and we lost contact ever since. I suffered from depression and feared to socialize with others, and the hunting tradition seemed to be totally forgotten. During that period, I could do nothing but staying home all day long. 

In my late twenties, under my cousins’ encouragement, I tried to go hunting again. When I was on the hunting trip, it felt like my father was still with me. The accomplishment gained from catching the prey helped restore my confidence. Also, I recognize more and more mates when we hunt together. Since then, I decided to start a career about hunting.

This is why I work as a manufacture with my friends now and start this website that offers a selection of practical tools for hunting, providing hunting lovers helpful and handy products and services of great quality.

Welcome to season4hunt, wish you can find what you need here.